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FG20 Corse

The progenitor of this branch is regarded as John Hidden (J147) of Gotherington in the parish of Bishops Cleeve, who first appears in the parish register in 1739. It is not clear who he is and where he has come from, but the burial there in 1752 of Henry Hidden (H048) , who has been identified as belonging to the Inkpen branch of Hiddens, strongly suggests that John is from the same branch. The exact nature of the relationship between John and Henry is not known. The current theory is that they are uncle and nephew, with John identified as the child baptised in Hungerford in 1695, the son of another John, (J145).
The identity of J145 has also not been established with certainty but it is probable that J145 was born in Inkpen and that he is a brother of Henry.
The Hidden line does not continue in Bishops Cleeeve, and James (J016), who seems to be the only surviving child of J147, appears in 1773 in the parish of Corse, a few miles away. He settled there and his descendants are recorded there for the next 100 years.

This data was updated on 21 Jun 2012