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FG22 Eccles

James Eden(J259), his wife Betty(E189) together with their children arrived in the parish of Eccles about 1790, and settled
in the hamlet of Roe Green in the township of Worsley. They had other children who were born there, but it is not known with
any certainty where they came from and where the older children were born. There is a possible marriage for James and Betty
in Warrington in 1764. Some of their descendants continued to live in Roe Green until at least the end of the nineteenth century.
Their surname shows considerable variation in the earlier period, but eventually becomes Eden. In the chart and pedigree their
surname has been standardised as Eden, but the variant forms are included in the surname index as aliases, and the original
spellings can be seen in the text of the source. There are Edens in the neighbouring parish if Leigh, who may be related, but
there does not seem to be any obvious connection with the Eccles family. One family from Leigh has been included because
they migrate to Worsley and could potentially be confused with the Eccles family.

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