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FG7 Inkpen

The progenitor of this branch is considered to be John Hidden alias Glidsdale (J151) of Kintbury who was born about 1548 and died in 1623. He left a will in which his son Richard is a beneficiary, and this son, born in 1588, settled in the neighbouring parish of Inkpen. His descendants, for many years, appear in the Inkpen records; the last such reference being to William Hidden alias Clisdell in 1804. The use of the Clydesdale alias by this branch positively identifies them as being related to John Hidden alias Clydesdale of Hungerford (J100) (c.1480-1545), although there is insufficient evidence to determine the exact relatioship. There are a few refences to Hidden/Clydesdale in Kintbury before the birth of Richard, and these have been included, although they cannot be linked to the main pedigree with any certainty.
When Hiddens moved to an area where the surname was unfamiliar it often became changed into a different form, which then became adopted by their descendants. We can see this happening with the Inkpen branch where the surname Heading evolved.

This data was updated on 13 Jul 2012