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Clydesdale/Heading/Hidden Probate Documents before 1858

1550 john clydesdale hungerford brk PCC will 6516
Will of john clydesdale alias hydden To ursula my dau and the child the which my wife elizabeth now goeth withall the lands and tenements which my son george had in possession in hungerford for 21 years. If a man child to have the same after the end of the 21 years. If a maid child then only for 21 years, and after the 21 years to revert to george my son and his heirs male, and if no heirs male then to the next heir. To thomas my oldest son all my lands and tenements in oxfordshire on condition that he pay john my son 3-6s-8d per annum until edward my son be 21 years old, and the same john to pay 2-0s-0d per annum out of the 3-6s-8d to catherine hull during her lifetime. When edward reaches 21 years thomas is to pay him 3-6s-8d for life, and after his death to his heirs male if he have any and if not the annuity to revert to john and his heirs. If the annuity is not paid then john is to have the lands. If john should have the lands at the age of 21 years to pay edward 3-6s-8d for life and after his death to his heirs male if he have any and if not the annuity to revert to john. Thomas to give the profits of all my lands in oxforth for 4 years after my death to my executors and then to enjoy them as aforesaid. To thomas my son my house at soley in which he now dwells for the life of him and his wife and after the death of thomas and his wife to his eldest son john and after the death of john to thomas brother of the said john for the term of my lease on condition that thomas my eldest son pay 2-0s-0d per annum to his younger brother thomas and after the death of thomas the younger the same 2-0s-0d to be paid to the manor of edyng. Also thomas to live in the house at soley and not sell it. To george alden and elizabeth his wife and johane his daughter the house in which he now dwells in chilton parish for the term of my lease paying 2s per annum to the manor of hidden and one of them to dwell in it. To george my son my farm called little hidden ( which sometime wm lovelock did hold) for the term of my lease paying 3-6s-8d per annum to the manor of hidden and if george die without male heirs then to revert to thomas the elder. To anthony my son my farm of hiden and hiddington at the age of 23 years during my lease and half my household stuff. Also at the same time 200 sheep 12 oxen 8 bulls 6 bacon hogs 2 sows a boar 20 acres of wheat 20 acres of barley 4 acres of fetches 3 acres of oats [etc]. If anthony die before the age of 21 years or die without male heirs the above to revert to john and if john die without heirs [etc]. To john the manor of hidden immediately after my death until anthony reaches the age of 23. To elizabeth my wife 40 and our bed and if she remain within the manor of hidden free meat drink and bedding and if not then 3s-4d per week during her widowhood. To dorothy my daughter by jane my wife 4. To johane my daughter by jane my wife 10. To jane my daughter by jane my wife 4. To bridget my daughter 6-8s-4d. To elizabeth my daughter by ellen my wife 6-8s-4d. To catherine my daughter 6-8s-4d promised for her marriage day. To dorothy my daughter by my first wife 3-6s-8d. To robert hidden 3-6s-8d. To elizabeth alden 2-0s-0d. To sybil bocher my daughter 30 sheep. To elizabeth garrett 2-0s-0d. To 4 poor people 2 coats of black and 2 smocks. To john my son the residue and to be sole executor. Overseers richard briges and henry clifford esquires and john wilmot yeoman [also confimation of the copyhold of named tenants of the manor of hidden]. Signed and sealed (?). Dated 10 aug 1549. Wit: eles woldridge, thomas hoddage,george lovelack, willm reynold, richard flagatt, willm walker, thomas hewett, with others. Probate granted 2 may 1550 at london to johannis clydesdale als hidden the executor named in the will
1591 anthony hidden hungerford brk PCC will 6513
Will of anthony hidden alias clidesdale of great hidden. To be buried in parish church of hungerford. tripartite indenture between me, anthony my eldest son and george castell of farnhan co surrey gent dated 24 june 29 eliz which includes the condition that anthony be my sole executor and that i leave all my goods and chattels and debts to him. And anthony my son agrees that if my debts do not exceed 100 and that if my goods exceed 700 then anthony my son will execute my will and pay my debts and any legacies to my wife and children only provided that they do not exceed 1000. To anne my wife 200. To thomas hidden my son 100 at the age of 23 yrs. To henry my son 100 marks at the age of 23 yrs. To alexander my son 100 at the age of 23 yrs. To nicholas my son 100 at the age of 23 yrs. To roger my youngest son 50 at the age of 23 yrs. To john my son 100 at the age of 23 yrs. To my daughters anne, ursula, jane and susan 100 each at the age of 23 yrs unless they marry in my lifetime in which case their legacy is void. Total bequests 950. Residue to anthony my son provided that he accept the execution of the will otherwise the bequest is void and my wife is to be sole executrix. Overseers my cousin mr william carrante of tummar co somerset esq, edmond chadwell of ebbesborne wake co wilts gent, william pottinger of hungerford, vincent smythe of charnham street. Signed by testator (with seal). Dated 15 feb 32 eliz [1589]. Wit: edmond chadwell per me john savage, thomas barkesdale, robert sallens, john james per me william bronker. Codocil. To my wife anne in addition 2 feather beds and her plate that she brought with her and the stones that is at hungerford and the timbet that came from baulson park [etc]. rebates henry to 20, roger to 20, thomas and alexander to 100 marks. Ursula to have her legacy 4 years after my decease, alexander his legacy 2 years after my decease. Codocil read and acknowledged by the testastor 25 feb 33 eliz in the presence of edmond chadwell and robt reymes. Wit: edmond chadwell, robert remes, edward hidden, anthony hidden, george hidden. Copy attested 5 march 33 eliz by edmond chadwell william pottinger overseers, henry seyntebarbe, john lynche, george eton Probate granted to anthony hidden son and executor named in the will 9 oct 1591
1602 edward hidden hungerford brk dean of sarum admon 6452
administration of the estate of edward hidden als clydesdale of edington within the parish of hungerford Administration bond of john hidden als clydesdale, husbandman, lawful son. Mark of john (X) hidden Wit: edward archer, richard wied, william ----(?) Inventory taken 29 june 1602 by anthony tuggye, crisftofer deman, roger browne and john wix. Total 59s 2p
1618 john hidden great shefford brk archd berks will 6503
will of john hidden of west shefford husbandman to each of my godchildren that shall demand it 12d each. The residue to my loving wife who is to be sole executrix. Overseers my father-in-law goodman baker and my neighbour william wyllis. To my kinswoman sicelye glover 12d. My body to be buried in my parish church or churchyard. the mark of john (X) hidden. Dated 25 jan 1618. Wit: joseph nixon, walter toldebey, william willis, john baker. Probate granted to the executor named in the will 3 march 1618. Inventory of the goods of john hidden of west shefford husbandman taken by thomas harveye, william wyllis of shefford and john baker of eastgarton 2 feb 1618. Total 31-2s-2d . Exhibited at oxford 3 march 1618 for the executor
1619 thomas hidden st botolph aldgate lnd archd london admon 9966
thomas hedding cutler of st botolph aldgate admons 16 aug to jane hedding the relict
1619 william clydesdale stepney mdx archd london will 9970
william glidsdall als hedden of stepney co middx admons 8 nov 1619 to marthee glidsdall als heddin the relict [in margin] juru [etc] 5-12s-0d london dioc
1623 john hidden kintbury brk archd berks will 6414
john hidden als glidsdale of kintbury To richard hidden son of my son richard hidden 5s and one sheep, and to his other 3 children one sheep each. To john holdway son of robert houldway 5s and one sheep and to his son richard one sheep. To john hidden my son 50s and my apparell excepting my best hose and best jerkin. To richard hidden my son my best bed and all thereunto belonging my wife to have the use of it during her life and 8 paid to him within one year of my decease, and my best chair. To robert houldway 8 and my second best chair. All the rest of my goods and chattells i give to richard hidden my son and robert houldway to be equally divided between them after the decease of margery my wife whom i make my sole executrix and i appoint as overseers richard knight and richard blandy. The mark of john (X) hidden (seal) Wit: wm carter, richard knight, richard blandy, richard porter, peter (X) powse. Dated 1 july 1622 Probate granted at newbury to the executor named in the will 3 oct 1623 Inventory taken 25 june 1623 by wm carter, richard knight, richard blandy 52-9-3 .Exhibited at newbury 3 oct 1623 for the executor
1623 john hidden chilton foliat wil archd wilts will 6451
will of john hidden alias glidesdale of chilton foliat To my wife dortie hidden 20s besides the 30 already given to her. To my son thomas 5s. To my son henry hidden 40s. Also to his four children 12 pence each. To katherine loveday the daughter of john loveday deceased 5. Also to elizabeth loveday the daughter of the said john loveday 5. Two shillings to the poor of the parish. The residue to be shared equally between thomas, dorotie and agnes loveday who are also joint executors (the sons and daughters of john loveday). Overseers my brother thomas hidden and my neighbour thomas parke. The mark of john (X) hidden 27 may 1623. Wit: robert collard, henry fairthorne Execution granted 10 july 1623 Inventory taken 12 june 1623. Total 27-10-0 Signed robert parkes, henry fairthorne, william haywood
1623 john hidden chilton foliat wil dean of sarum grant 9076
Grant of probate to administer the will of john hidden als clydesdale of chilton foliat. 15th july 1623 in ecclia st petri marlboro' cora' ------------------------------------------------ dorothea loveday et agnes(?) loveday duo execat in testamt supra ---------------------. Probatu' fuit per thoma' loveday adhuc executr in dct test cui comissa fuit adm' bonora' [etc]
1630 john hidden lambourn brk archd berks bd/inv 6504
admons of estate of john hidden als cleisdale of lambourne court. Bond sworn by elizabethe cleisdale als hidden the relict of john cleisdale als hidden of lambourne, laborer, lately deceased. admons granted at newbury to elizabeth cleisdale als hidden of lambourne , widow and richard streete of the same place on 9 april 1630 Inventory taken on 20 march 1629 by phillip kishall, thomas payne and thomas chayney. [ no total given, but adds up to approx 11-0-0]
1631 thomas hidden wellingore lin dean and chapter of lincoln will, grant 9081
Will of thomas hidden labourer of wellingore To my dau alce hidden 10s. To thomas hidden my son 10s. To william hidden my son 10s. To jone hidden my dau 10s. Residue to ann my wife who is sole executrix. Always providing that if any one of my children depart this life before they be of years of discretion [etc] their portion to be dived among the survivors. If my wife ann hidden do marry again then the portions given to my children to be paid to them on the day of her marriage.. Dated 12 march 1630. Wit: john nicholls (clericus?), john jeffrey Probate: decimo quinto die aprilis AD1631 to ann hidden executrix. [on dorse] debts owing by the partie deceased imprimis to william esman xxs item to william esman minor xxs
1632 george hidden breamore ham PCC will 6514
Will of George hidden of breamore co southants yeoman To the church and poor of hungerford and the church and poor of braemore 40s each. To my loving brother john worrell clerk of hungerford 5. To my loving brother alexander hedden 50 my gold ring and all my books. To my cousins anthony hedden and thomas hedden 4 each. To my cousin susan head their sister 5 and an annuity of 1 per annum for the term of my lease in a meadow called palemead in hungerford. To her son thomas 4 and to each of her other children 1 each. To martha hedden daughter of my brother william hedden deceased 4. To my loving sister jane pannell of hungerford 4 and an annuity of 4 per annum for the term of my lease in palemead unless she die before the expiration of the lease in which case her daughter phillis scriven to have 2 per annum. To phillis scriven 5 and to her son edward scriven my godson 5 and to everyone of her other children 1 each. To my cousin mary browne 5. To my godson george gray of braemore 1, to my godson roger edmunds 10s , to my godson george white 10s, to my godson henry stevens 10s, to my goddaughter elizabeth hedden 1, to my goddaughter elizabeth phillpot 3 and my silver spoon. To jane dote (?) and cicely parrocke 10s each. To elizabeth bampton 5s. To john rule, richard hollowaie and john white 5s each. To my cousin william scriven all my wearing apparell. My executor to be my loving cousin thomas worrell son of john worrell. Overseers mr thomas smith of hungerford gent and john gray of breamore. The legacy of edward scriven who is dead to be divided between his brothers and sisters. Signed by testator (with seal). dated 24 aug 1632. Wit: john gray, richard holloway, edward wellden Probate granted london 6 feb 1632 to thomas wirrall the executor named in the will
1643 alexander hidden shaw brk archd berks bd/inv 6506
Administration of the estate of alexander hidden of shaw yeoman. Bond to thomas hidden the son and francis rowland son-in-law. Mark of francis (X) roland signature of thomas hidden Administration granted 13 may 1643 to thomas hidden of speenhamland, shoemaker and francis rowland of donnington , taylor. Inventory of the goods of alexander hidden of shaw taken by thomas blissett and robert lawrence 1 may 1643. [his wealth is all in debts due to him including 11-13s-0d from john hidden of thatcham, john giles of speen, francis sherwood of shaw, john awbery, john stanbrook, and john parsons of cheveley]. Total 86-5s-6d. Signes thomas blissett and robert lawrence. [ note at the foot of the inventory from mr john royston commissioner to the commissioner at oxford (?) explaining that the administrators are thomas hidden the son and francis rowland son-in-law.] [ a note in latin states that the inventory was exhibited at oxford on 29 may 1643]
1643 edward hidden baydon wil PCC original will 6515
Will of edward hidden alias clichdale of baydon. My wife to be my executrix. To my son edward when he is 16 years old my piece of huttland at sidhangers and my leasehold of goardlames, but if he dies before that age then my son thomas to have it. To my son thomas my leasehold at north hidden when he is 21 yrs old. To my daughter edith 55 when she is 21. To my daughter hannah 40 when she is 20. To my daughter joane 55 when she is 20. To my sister margarett 20s, to my sister susan 20s, to my sister elizabeth 20s. To edward chamberlaine one sheep. Mark of testator (with seal). Dated 18 aug 1643 (?) Wit: john bennett, anthony stroude.[ both witnesses sign] Probate granted London 29 april 1643 to joanne hidden als clichdale relict and executrix named in the will. Oath sworn before the vicar of bishopstone [ nr swindon]
1643 alexander clydesdale ramsbury wil archd berks will/inv 6507
Will of alexander clidsdale als hidden of ramsbury gent Testator is aged and infirm. To mr john worrall minister at hungerford 20s. To mr wilde minister at ramsbury 20s. To the poor people of hungerford 20s. To the poor people of ramsbury 20s. To sister jane pannell widow 5. To cousin jane younge wife of edward younge of inkpen 3. To cousin susan head widoe 5. To nephew anthony hedden 5. To martha wilkinson wife of lawrence wilkinson 4. To mary browne wife of jonas browne 3. To phillis scriven wife of william scriven 3. To goddaughter anne worrall the dau of my nephew thomas worrall clerk 3. The residue (mentions jewels and gold plate) to nephew thomas worrall clerk who is sole executor. Overseers my friends nicholas burche of hungerford and henry longfield of charnam street. Signed alexander hydden (with seal). Dated 13 oct 1637. Wit: tho barrett and thomas mountigue. Probate granted at oxford 10 nov 1643 to thomas worrall the executor named in the will. Inventory of the goods of alexander clydesdale als hidden of wasing co berks taken by john h(?)orsley and john samerse inhabitants of wasing.[ both make their mark] dated 15 july 1643. Total 135-15s-0d. exhibited at oxford 10 nov 1643
1649 john hidden greenham brk archd berks will/bd/inv/let//bill 6505
Will of john hidden of greenham yeoman To nicholas hidden my brother 8. To my kinsman thomas hidden 40s and to john, alice and mary hidden three of the children of thomas hidden 40s each. To my kinswoman joane rowland wife of james rowland 4. To my kinswoman susan head , widow 3. To john rowland my godson 40s. To my kinswoman anne hidden of hungerford 3. The residue to my brother nicholas hidden who is to be sole executor.. Overseers to be james rowland of newbury clothier and thomas wilson of newbury scrivenor. Signed john hidden. Dated 18 may 1649. Wit: roger knight and elizabeth knight. Codocil. john barksdale my godson, the son of anthony barksdale of shaw to have 20s legacy. Declared by john hidden in the presence of roger knight and william hall. Inventory of the goods of john hidden of greenham taken by batholemew barrington, richard charlocke and thomas parker. Total 23-10s-0d. [mentions his books, brush and inkhorn and money lent to thomas hidden]. marks of bartholemew (X) barrington, richard (X) charlocke Funerary expenses of john hidden of greenham. Total 4-6s-8d. [mentions driving sheep of john hidden to illesley]. Certified (?) etc 18 july 1649. [there is a second date viz 24 aug 1649] Letter from john edmondes dated 13 dec 1649 at newbury to mr john hollowaye at his house in oxford asking that letters of administration be provided for thomas hidden Administration bond for the estate of john hidden of greenham to thomas hidden cordwainer of speenhamland, nephew of john hidden because the sole executor nicholas hidden has died before taking upon him the execution of the will. Mark of arthur (X) nicholls. signature of thomas hidden. Grant of admons to thomas hidden and arthur nicholls of the parish of st mary magdalene, city of oxford, cutler. Dated 15 dec 1649
1658 joan clydesdale hungerford brk PCC will 6517
Will of joane chidesale als hidden of edington in the parish of hungerford, widow [original will] To my eldest daughter mary chilfester wife of edward chilfester of edington my gold ring. To my daughter ruth day wife of john day of shalborne 10s, 1 bushel of wheat and 2 ewe sheep. To my grandchild mary chilfester daughter of edward chilfester 1 flockbed 1 pewter platter and 2 ewe sheep. If the child with which my daughter ruth day is with reaches 16years then to have 20s, but if it shall die then ruth day to have the 20s after the end of 16 years, and if both die then to remain in the hands of my executrix for her sole use. To my youngest daughter elizabeth chidesdale als hidden the residue of my effects and to be sole executrix. Overseers my well beloved friends in Christ thomas holloway of leverton and richard monday of charmen streete.[ distinctive mark of the testatrix] (with seal affixed). Dated 13 feb 1641.Wit: robeart goddard and roger (X) parker Probate granted at london 20 may 1658 to elizabeth chidesdale als hidden the daughter and sole executrix
1660 john hidden newbury brk PCC admons 12342
duodecimo die emanavit com'issio will'mo leeke avunculo et curatori ad litig l'time assignat johanni hidden filio n'rali et l'timo johannis hidden nuper de newbery in com berk defuncti hen'tis ec ad administrand bona iura et credita dcd defuncti duran minori etate johannis hidden filio n'ralis et l'time einsdem defuncti de bene ec vigore _____ comissionis jurat [on the 12th day it was entrusted to william leeke uncle and guardian nominated by john hidden the lawful and natural son of john hidden late of newbury co berks, deceased to administer the goods and credits of the said deceased during the minority of john hidden the son, which commission he swore to execute properly and vigorously]
1661 john heading st katherine mdx PCC will 10139
will of john hedding in the name of god amen [etc], i john hedding of st katherine's in the co of middlesex, yeoman [etc]. i give to my eldest daughter katherine all goods and household stuff, also money due for services in the good ship convertine(?) katherine sole executor. [signed]. Dated 3rd june 1661 witnesses: jeremiah medlicott, nathanial pitt senior,robert rasson. probate to catherine hedding.
1685 john clydesdale hungerford brk dean of sarum admons 6453
administration of the estate of john clidsdall als hidden Administration bond of jonathan clidsdall als hidden button maker of hungerford and robert osmond taylor of the same place. jonathan clidsdall als hidden the lawful son and administrator. Mark of jonathan (X) clidsdall als hidden. Signed robert osmond. Both affix their seal. Wit: geo frome public notary. Dated 11 march 1685
1686 john clydesdale hungerford brk dean of sarum inv 6498
Inventory of the goods of john clidsdell als hidden taken by thomas robinson and john boone on 16 april 1686. [lists button moulds] Total 41-5s-6d. Both appraisers sign. Exhibited 23 april 1686
1688 richard clydesdale inkpen brk archd berks will 6508
Will of richard cledsdale als hidden of inkpen yeoman To wife ann his house for her lifetime. To son richard 6 and 40s from grandfather of the said richard henry robinson alias hunt received from ann robinson alias hunt. To dau ann 6 and 40s from grandfather etc. To daughter abigail 6 and 40s from grandfather etc. To daughter margery wife of henry marsh 1s. To son william after death of wife ann the house and estate for term of lease yet to come subject to legacies to each of his children after the death of ann. viz. daniel, henry, mary, benjamin. If william refuses to pay the legacies then richard is to let the house and living for three years and divide the rent among the legatees, the estate then to revert to william. To wife ann all livestock corn in barns and standing etc after payment of expenses and legacies. Wife ann to be sole executrix. Mark of testator (with seal). Dated 28 june 1687. Wit: philip heath, thomas garrard, john heath. Probate granted at newbury to anne cledsdale alias hidden the relict of the deceased 24 april 1688
1695 william hidden inkpen brk archd berks will inv 6509
1) will of william hidden als clydsdale of inkpen yeoman. to my loving wife ann hydden my copyhold for her lifetime and the possession of my brickt-hall in my now dwelling house in inkpen and the room over the hall and free liberty to use any of my household goods during her lifetime. my only son richard to be my executor and possessor of all my estate goods chattells and leases. after the death of my wife my son richard to have my copyhold lands for his lifetime. also to my son richard and his heirs forever my dwelling house with the barns stables outhouses gardens orchards and backsides and 3 acres in the fields. Signed will hedden [with seal]. dated 6 nov 1687 Wit: john (X) kember snr, william early, thomas (X) adams Probate granted at newbury to richard hidden alias clydesdale son and executor named in the will, 3 april 1695 2) Inventory of the goods of william hedden late of inkpen taken by william hayes and hynry page 11 jan 1694/5. Total 265-17s-0d [leasehold valued at 140]. exhibited at newbury for the executor 3 april 1695
1699 edward hidden baydon wil dean of sarum will inv 6499
will of edward hiding of baydon. To my grandson edward geanans 20, otherwise lease of tenth and fifths belonging to my copyhold land in baydon. To my loving wife all my household goods and after her decease these to be divided equally between my grandchildren. Sole executrix my now loving wife. Mark of edward (X) hiding, with seal affixed. Dated 17 feb 1699. Wit: robert wallrend, thomas wallrend, elizabeth (X) kimber Execution granted at Ramsbury to elizabeth hiding the executrix named in the will 4 may 1699 Inventory of the goods of edward hiding of baydon taken by stephen barly and robert wallrond on 24 feb 1698. Total 87-8s-0d. appraisers sign. [ the lease of tithes worth 20 and rooms itemised, 6 in all]
1703 john clydesdale HMS 'The Dragon' near Deal ken PCC admons 6652
Admons john chisdall By decree [in latin] to mary clisdall relict of john clisdall late of the royal navy ship 'the dragon' near deal in co kent
1706 thomas clydesdale new windsor brk archd berks bond admons 6510
Administration of estate of thomas clisdell of new windsor. 1)Bond. ann clisdell of new windsor and charles pennington of new windsor inholder (?) and richard morris of new windsor pistor [miller or baker] The mark of anne(X) clisdell 2)Act book entry. admons granted at oxford to ann clisdell relict 7 sept 1706
1707 james clydesdale London (mariner) lnd PCC will 6653
Will of james clydsdaill of london mariner All my wages, money,lands,tenements,goods and chattels to my loving friend robert billing and his heirs forever. Robert billing to be sole executor. All former wills revoked. Signed james clydsdaill. Dated 18 march 1700 Wit: job claridge, elizabeth claridge, aron lambe. Ser against her majties pay office in broadstreet. Probate to robert billing, london
1707 richard heading st john wapping mdx PCC will 10152
the will of richard heading of st. john wapping, in the county of middlesex, waterman. to daughter elizabeth bellowes, 5, to buy mourning. to daughter abigail boon [ditto] to son richard heading [ditto] to son thomas heading [ditto] remainder goods, chattals, cash, plate, gold, household stuff and other estate to wife margaret heading, sole executrix. Dated 15 february 1705, [testator signs]. witnessed: john crouther, thomas rendon, william hannon. Probate: 1707
1710 john hidden hungerford brk dean of sarum admons 6500
Administration of the estate of john hidden of hungerford intestate. Bond by john boone, maltster of hungerford, william ryman, plummer (?) and john toe. Dated 23 (?) oct 1710.Signed by john boone and william ryman [both affix a seal] Sworn 23 oct 1710. Wit: jonat snacksbone [commissioner ?] Administration granted to john boone the principal creditor.
1712 john heading grove wantage brk dean & canons of windsor will 6794
Will of john heading the elder yeoman of grove in the parish of wantage To be equally divided between my sons john and william my messuage formerly called smiths with barn and two little closes adjoining, a close called long close, one acre of meadow called cow acre, rights of common of pasture etc all situate in grove in the parish of wantage and lately purchased of edward stroud of wantage butcher. also seven acres of arable in a field called small marsh in charleton [in the parish of wantage] part of 8 acres lately purchased of william petty. To my eldest son thomas heading the house in which i now dwell and all my other estate not otherwise bequeathed. Thomas to pay john and william 10 within 12 months of my decease. To thomas the bed on which i now lie with fittings, two tables, copper furnace for brewing and salting trough. To john and william all my other personal estate and to be joint executors. Mark of testator and seal. Dated 1 july 1712. Wit: rich sheppard, richard (X) weston (?), aaron jones. Probate granted at wantage 30 july 1712 to john and william the sons and executors
1712 john heading grove wantage brk dean & canons of windsor will 12327
will of john heading of grove Wit: rich: sheppard, richard (X) weston, aaron jones
1720 thomas hidden baydon wil dean of sarum will 6501
Will of thomas hidden alias chidsden of baden yeoman To the poor of baden 10s. To each of my grandchildren 20s. To my two daughters mary pearce and joan stiles 20s each. To my daughter joan stiles my house in newtown parish of hungerford. To my grandson thomas pearce my close called small-grove in the parish of baden, tithe free and purchased from george addams late of auburn co wilts. Also my 3 acres of arable lying in mouseberry in costern field. Also my 2 acres of arable called white hill in the west field of baden. Also my 1 acre of arable lying in the west field of baden all of which 6 acres last mentioned were purchased from john plummer late of baden and tithe free also. Also my 1/2 acre of arable in highstead furlong in the west field purchased from mr john smith of baden. Also my 12 sheep commons in the fields of baden ( 10 belonging to the 6 acres of john plummer and 2 belonging to the 1/2 acre from mr john smith). Also all the residue to my grandson thomas pearce who is sole executor. I wish to be buried in baden next to my late wife mary. The mark of thomas (X) hidden with seal affixed. Dated 24 march 1717. Wit: henery burges, daniel (X) bury and john brossier. Execution granted at ramsbury to thomas pierce the executor named in the will 26 april 1720
1732 john heading grove wantage brk dean & canons of windsor will 6795
Will of john heading of grove parish of wantage, yeoman To my wife margaret heading all my estate both real and personal, and to be sole executrix. If it is neccessary to sell any real estate in order to discharge my debts then my brothers thomas and william heading to act as trustees for the benefit of my wife and children. Signed john heading (with seal). Dated 10 aug 1731. Wit: willi lay, jos smart, martha godfery Probate at wantage 10 july 1732 to margaret heading relict and executrix.
1736 robert heading kimpton ham archd winchester will grant 10144
the will of robert hedding of parish of kympton. house and all goods to wife mary. after her death to my son barnabas in consideration of his labouring to subsist me in my old age. to all my other children 1s each. wife to be sole executrix. [makes mark]. witnesses: george greenway, mary greenway, mary cuthbert. probate: executrix sworn 25 may 1736. sub 20. before me george greenway.
1737 john hidden hungerford brk PCC original will 6655
will of john hidden alias clidsdale of hungerford, buttonmaker To son jonathan one half messuage or dwelling house in salisbury street hungerford with backside etc lately purchased from edward plaisteed, and one half to thomas my son [exact description of division and positions]. To my daughter jane wife of thomas rosier, my dau anne the wife of thomas betteridge, and my dau elizabeth hidden als clidsdale 20 apiece, and to richard son of elizabeth 20 to educate and breed him up. I nominate my son thomas and his assigns trustees to do this. To my wife hannah one shilling. Executors jonathan and thomas hidden, between whom the residue is to be shared. [The mark of the testator] [Seal of a bird above a coronet]. dated 28 june 1736. Wit: edward playsteed senr, edward playsteed, thos young.[all the witnesses sign] Probate london 5 july 1737 to jonathan and thomas hidden
1747 edward clydesdale great shefford brk bishop of salisbury will 6450
edward clidesdale als hidden of great shefford yeoman To my grandson john tull all moneys owing to me. To my late gandson thomas tull's three daughters on guinea between them. To my granddaughter now elizabeth judge 40. To my two granddaughters mary and margaret green 50 each. To my grandson john green one shilling. To my grandduaghter theodocia green the residue of my godds, chattels and stock in husbandry, also to be my sole executrix. Signed edward hidden 1 june 1742. Wit: francis cruse, william hall Execution granted at speen 17 aug 1747 to theodosias wife of wm knapp
1753 jonathan hidden hungerford brk PCC admons 6656
admons of the goods, chattels and credits of jonathan hidden otherwise clidsdale, late of the parish of hungerford, deceased. Granted to john hidden otherwise clidsdale the natural and lawful son of the said deceased, mary smith the wife of thomas smith formerly hidden otherwise clidsdale the relict of the said deceased first renouncing.
1756 robert heading over wallop ham archd winchester will 10148
will of robert hedden of over wallop yeoman. Dated 29 april 1756. to my son robert hedden 1s. to daughter susannah holloway 1s. to grandaughter ann cooper 1s. residue to my wife susannah who is sole executrix. [signs robert headen, seal]. witnesses: john mills, john morrison, mathew bath jnr [same signature as on will of sussanah headden] probate 30 december 1756 to executor named in the will. sub 20
1758 thomas heading grove wantage brk dean & canons of windsor will 6796
Will of thomas heading of grove, yeoman To my dau wife of john yeates of grove blacksmith, 60. To my grand-daughters elizabeth and mary yeates 10 each at the age of 21 yrs. to my son thomas heading all my messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments and also my goods, chattels, and personal estate and to be sole executor. Signed thomas heading (with seal). dated 24 jan 1755. Wit: willm church, thomas whithorn, tho butler Probate granted 8 feb 1758
1760 susanna heading broughton ham bishop of winchester will grant 10149
will of susannah headden of broughton, widow. Dated 2 september 1757. to granddaughter ann cooper 30, to be put out in interest if my lease in the living which i hold at over wallop of mr john wallis be expired. if ann cooper die before the age of 21 years then the 30 to be equally divided between my son robert headen and my daughter susannah holloway. if my daughter should die my granddaughter hester holloway shall have her mothers share. to my daughter susannah holloway my leasehold house at north tidworth during the life of her daughter hester. the living which i now rent of mr john wallis aforesaid and in the occupation of my son in law john holloway to my son-in-law john cooper 1s. my son robert headen to have residue and be sole executor. signed: susanna hedden and seal. witnesses: william kelsey senr, daniel morgan, mathew bath. probate 3 sept 1760 to executor named within
1763 robert heading broughton ham archd winchester will 10141
the will of robert heden of broughton surgeon. to my wife and 5 children robert, mary, susana, ann and elizabeth my house and goods equally divided at age of 21 years. executors my wife and son robert trustees: my two brothers in law thomas shepard and edward shepard. 9 oct 1760. [signs robert headden, with seal]. witnesses: mary edmonds, elizabeth sharps, william kelsey senr. probate to mrs heden widow and robert heden the son. 17 november 1763.
1783 daniel heading high wycombe bkm PCC will 12826
I Daniel heading of Chipping Wycombe in the County of Berks, gentleman do make publish and declare this my last will and testament as follows. first I desire that all my just debts and testamentary and funeral expences may be fully paid and satisfied by my executors hereinafter named and after payment and satisfaction thereof I give devise and bequeath all that my messuage or tenement wherein I now live situate near the market place in Chipping Wycombeaforesaid with the buildings offices and other the apputenances thereunto belonging unto my nephew William Heading son of my brother Henry Heading and unto my nephew James Heading son of my brother James Heading equally between them share and share alike. To hold as tenants in common and not as joint tenants and to their right heirs forever. Also I give and bequeath to each of my two nephews James Heading and William Heading and to my three neices Ann Heading, Mary Heading and Elizabeth Heading sons and daughters of my brother Henry Heading fifty pounds apiece. Also I give and bequeath unto my nephew Richard King and my neice Elizabeth King twenty pounds apiece. And unto my neice Martha King fifty pounds son and daughter of my late sister Martha King to be paid to them at their respective ages of twentyone years and if of that age within twelve months next after my decease. And I direct that if either of my said nephews or neices shall die before me or before the said legacies shall become due and payable leaving no issue that the legacy or legacies of him or her or them so dyingshall lapse and as if it had not been by me given but in case either of them shall so die leaving issue then I bequeath the said legacy or legacies of him her or them so dying to his her or their respective issue or issues. Also I give unto Hannah the wife of William Turner late Hannah Church neice of my late wife the sum of ten pounds to be paid unto her by my said executorswithin twelve months next after my decease. And all the residue and remainder of my personal estate and effects I desire may be placed out at interest by my said executors in their names in the most beeficial mannerand the interest and produce thereof I give unto my brothers Henry Heading and James Heading equally between them share and share alike. And from and immediately after the decease of my said brother Henry Heading I give and bequeath one half part of the said rest and residue so placed out aforesaid unto and amongst his sons and daughters my said nephews and neices as shall be living at his death to and for their use and benefit. And from and after the decease of my said brother James Heading I give and bequeath the other half part of the said rest and residue unto his son the said James Heading to and for his own use and benefit but in case he shall be dead at the time of his fathers decease without leaving any issue then I give and bequeath the same unto my said nephews and neices sons and daughters of my said brother Henry Heading as shall be then living for their own use and benefit. And I do hereby nominate and appoint William Turner of Chipping Wycombe aforesaid gentleman and Samuel Rotton of the same place lace merchant joint executors of this my last will and testament and direct that neither of them shall be accountable for more money than they shall actually receive and neither of them for the acts or defaults of the other hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made do publish and declare this to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the sixteenth day of February in the year of or Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty. Danl Heading. Sighned sealed published and declared by the said Daniel Heading the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence and at his request have subscribed our names as witness to the due execution thereof Luke Leake, George Harman, Robt Nash. Probate London 17 October 1781 to William Turner and Samuel Rotton the executors named in the will
1799 william hidden highclere ham PCC 12527
The will of william hidden of Highclere co South. victualler. To my dear wife letitia my ready money, securities, stock of liquors in trade, household goods and residue of my estate for use in her life and after her death to be equally divided between my children of her (if any be living); to be equally divided if more than one, or to be one whether son or daughter if only one be living. In default of such issue to my brothers james hidden and thomas hidden, my sister-in-law mary mitcell, my sisters-in-law mary blake and sarah blake and my two nephews thomas cadman and charles cadman to be equally divided between them. My dear wife letitia to be sole executrix. Revokes all former wills. Dated 11th July 1781. Signed Wm Hidden (with seal). Wit: thomas meare, john meare Codicil: my neice luci king to have an equal share with my other relations (in case my wife die without issue). dated 16th April 1792 Signed Wm Hidden (with seal) Wit: robert holdway, timothy lambden. Probate London 14 Feb 1799 to Letitia Hidden widow, relict and sole executix named in the will.
1814 thomas heading over wallop ham archd winchester will grant 10146
the will of thomas headen, of over wallop. to nephew james honneycutt and mary his now wife the reversion of my cottage held under the hble lord pourtsmouth situate in over wallop. his mother sarah honeycutt and their daughter ann honneycutt shall have residence as long as she lives. residue to james honneycutt who is sole executor. [signs thomas hedden, seal]. witnesses: elizabeth hattatt, thomas nash. probate: 21 may 1814 to james honneycutt sub 200. decleration: james honneycutt of over wallop labourer 21 may 1814. searching for will 28 march 1814 found by bedside [etc]. [signs james honneycutt].
1819 thomas heading east challow ? brk priv comm 7609
will of thomas heading elizabeth heading illegitimate daughter
1826 james hidden corse gls bishop of gloucester will 6151
Will of james hidden, labourer of Corse. Proved 11 March 1826, under 100 personal estate to wife Jane. House etc to dau Mary Gibbs. Trustees william hawkins of The Hawthorns and stephen colchester the younger of Ashelworth co Glos, gents In trust a field to Ann Cook my dau and after her decease to her dau Jane Cook. Remainder to William my son, till my grandson William reach 20 yrs, and then to be his. My son William to be sole executor. Testator makes mark and seal. Dated 7 July 1825. Witnessed Steven Colchester, Thomas Farmer, and Thomas Banks [?]
1838 william hidden speen stockcross brk archd berks will 6409
william hidden of stockcross yeoman. trustee thomas boult of bullbrook farm in the parish of m(?)arfield co berks. All my freehold property and effects in trust to my dear and beloved wife martha for her use and service save and except the best bed and bedclothes and furniture. After her decease in four equal parts to my four children letitia boult wife of thomas boult (my eldest dau) second dau jane hidden, third dau sarah hidden, fourth share to my son henry hidden. henry hidden to have 40s of good and lawful money. I do wish my trustee to be paid his expenses and that he will to the utmost of his judgement execute it for the good and benefit of my dear wife and four dear children. Mark of william hidden. 12 dec 1837 Wit: thomas partridge, hannah moore, thomas hidden Proved at oxford 26 july 1838 by oath of thomas boult the universal lagatee in trust and the executor according to the tenor therein named to whom admons granted. Sworn under 200
1844 hannah hidden chipping wycombe bkm PCC will 6548
Will of hannah hidden spinster of chipping wycombe Executors to be my friends percival wright and mary black of the borough of chipping wycombe. To mary black my 39 per annum in long annuities now standing in the books of the governors of the bank of england. Also my household plate, furniture, etc for her life and after her death to be sold and divided as follows:- To mrs sarah holmes of stokenchurch or her surviving children 30. To percival wright of the borough of wycombe or his heirs 5. To the heirs of my sister ann cumnor of kentbury co berks, to mrs mary norris of marlborough or her surviving children, to letitia (letty) hidden of shurburn co oxon, to william hidden of speen co berks and thomas hidden of the same place or their heirs or their surviving children the residue of my estate share and share alike. And if my sister letitia die before me her share is to be divided among the survivors. The mark of the testator. Dated 6 june 1834 Wit: john jacques, elizabeth higham. Probate 30 march 1837 on the oath of percival wright. Second Probate 6 may 1844 on the oath of mary black, spinster, the surviving executor
1847 william heading portsea ham bishop of winchester admons will bond 10140
the will of william headden, sawyer of grigg st, southsea in the parish of portsea. to wife mary whole of my property for her life unless she marry again. freehold house at 4 grigg st to my surviving children. morgage on the house to be paid regularly. wife sole executrix. Dated 22 april 1823. [signed william headden]. witnesses: george hind, george tribe, george gubley. admon: 7th march 1847. henry george headdon of portsea, carpenter and joiner seeking admons with will annexed of william headon who died 20 august 1828. sub 20 [signs henry george headden]. bond: in 40 henry george headden, carpenter and joiner, henry cockeram, peacelabourer, william bartlett, brewer, all of portsea. 7 march 1847 william headden late of grigg st, sawyer henry george headden the son mary headden died without proving the will. Sign: george henry headden, henry(X)cockram, william bartlett
1850 james hidden redmarley gls PCC will 6518
Will of james hidden of the round bush, parish of redmarley d'abitot, grocer All that i have to my dear father william hidden of the round bush redmarley whether cash gas shares, securities [etc]. To my sister mary gardner wife of robert gardner of gatsfield elm in the parish of eldersfield co worc, mason 20. To my step-mother mrs hidden of the round bush 20. To my dear friend harriett russell of the round bush also dressmaker 5. To my dear old friend mr charles james miles of stroud co glos, grocer my gold watch with appendages. Sole executor to be my father william hidden. Signed by the testator. Dated 14 nov 1850. Wit: john preston and joseph cooper. Signature on the will attested by joseph cooper, gent of Redmarley before the rector of redmarley commissioner 19 dec 1850 Proved at london 30 dec 1850 on the oath of william hidden the father the sole executor named in the will.
1852 thomas hidden southwark sry PCC will 6511
Will of thomas hidden buttonmaker of 5 richards place webber st blackfriars rd southwark. To youngest daughter elizabeth hidden all personal effects money and savings and all other effects whatsoever for her own use absolutely. Sole executor Mr thomas north of 159 blackfriars rd. Signed thomas hidden Dated 29 dec 1847. Wit: charles holcom henry north Codocil. to youngest daughter elizabeth my button trade and all interest and connection in such trade and i desire that the above trade be carried on in my name after my decease for her own absolute use and benefit. All my working tools consisting of button moulds dies and any other tools connected with the button business together with stock in trade to elizabeth hidden with the exception of two button moulds known as the large headed mould and the beating over mould together with 2s-6d to be given to my oldest son charles hidden. Signed thomas hidden. Dated 29 dec 1847. Wit: charles holcom henry north Proved at london with codocil 10 nov 1852. Codocil sworn to by charles holcom of 143 union st borough rd co surrey engineer Administration granted to thomas north the sole executor
1854 thomas hidden marsh benham brk archd berks will 6408
thomas hidden,marsh benham farmer,sole executor my son william hidden All property real or personal in trust for the life of my dear wife elizabeth hidden. After her decease to be divided equally between my children. the children of such of them as may be dead to take their parents share signed thomas hidden 9th April 1839. witnessed Richard White , Margret White. Codocil - i nominate my son-in-law john porter to be joint executor with my son william. signed 6 aug 1853 Wit: john bune, hannah davis Proved 11 feb 1854 by oath of william hidden one of the executors to whom admons was granted
1855 john heading portsea ham archd winchester will grant 10150
will of reverend john headden of portsea, dissenting minister. daughter sarah newton. grandson joseph newton. son in law john macklin, all three are executors and trustees. to daughter sarah newton moneys due on security of ebenezer chapel and burial ground. 4 dwelling houses at 17,60,61 and 62 havant street, portsea. to daughter jane macklin no 62 to daughter eliza musslewhite no 61. to son benjamin. to grandchildren jane, eliza, benjamin headden whether minors or not residue to eliza musslewhite my daughter. 24 august 1848. [makes mark] witnesses [illegible], binitre(?) gobb. probate: 1 november 1855 to executors named sub 800 The testator died 29 dec 1852
1855 william hidden westminster mdx PCC ad 6512
Administration of the estate of william hidden late of jermyn st westminster co middx (servant to rear admiral mangin) a bachelor deceased granted to thomas hidden the natural and lawful father of the deceased. Effects under 200

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