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Welcome to the Archive section for the HIDDEN One-Name Study

The Archive section is divided up as follows:-

GRO births 1837-1928
GRO marriages 1837-1948
GRO deaths 1837-1980
Probate Registry will index 1858 - 1980
Will abstracts for HIDDEN/HEADING/HEDDEN/CLYDESDALE testators before 1858
Note that only wills and administrations are included where the testator (or deceased) is a HIDDEN etc. For other will abstracts where a HIDDEN etc is mentioned but is not the testator see the index to 'persons mentioned in the abstracts' at the Genuki web site which will direct you to the particular will where that person is mentioned.
All HIDDEN testators are listed, but not necessarily all testators for variant surnames. Surnames in the index have been standardized.
Other Names from Wills 1498 - 1858
This lists the surnames of all persons mentioned in a collection of about 1000 probate records mainly for people living near Hungerford and Wantage in Berkshire but including some places in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and London
The abstracts are available at the Genuki web site
Note that there are limitations; not all probates for the area are included, a selection has been made based on location and the possibility of a connection with the Hidden family; in most cases all names have been abstracted, but in a few cases the abstract is incomplete in this respect; details of bequests etc have been omitted
HIDDEN/HEADING/ HEDDEN/HEADDEN Probate Registry will abstacts 1858 - 1938
All HIDDEN testators are included but only selected variant name testators

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