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GRO Index of Births

Some entries for variant surnames (HEADING,HEDDEN,HIDDON) are included
Entries in which the surname of the deceased is in upper case (e.g. HIDDEN) are from the Overseas Registers
18373william hidden w derby20/460
18382henry hidden st george HS1/12
18382william hidden tewkesbury11/425
18384eliza hidden hackney1/133
18392mary elizabeth hedden liverpool20/426
18401ann maria hidden upton upon severn18/532
18401sarah hidden w derby20/867
18403richard hidden st george HS1/10
18413jane elizabeth hedden hungerford6/185
18422ann maria hedden hungerford6/203
18423charles hidden hidden greenwich5/198
18424james hidden upton on severn18/486
18431jane hidden w derby20/930
18434charles hidden hackney1/185
18434john thomas hidden brentford1/2
18434fanny hedden hungerford6/202
18441mary ann hedden hungerford6/224
18444john aubrey hidden upton on severn18/491
18451letitia hidden st george HS1/24
18453joseph john hiddon brentford1/3
18454robert hiddin w derby20/983
18461john william hidden westminster1/468
18462robert hidden hackney1/205
18462alfred hiden st pancras1/291
18464william hidden st george HS1/35
18471mary hedden holsworthy9/
18472charles frederick hidden portsea7/145
18474thomas hedden bideford
18474thomas hedden hungerford6/190
18481charlotte hidden brentford1/3
18493frederick hidden marylebone1/237
18493augustus edward hidden portsea I5/135
18501henry hidden hackney1/207
18501robert hidden w derby20/1044
18502jane clive hidden brentford2/1
18504katherine mercy hidden st george HS1/46
18511eliza hidden marylebone1/268
18511francis william hidden portsea I8/135
18514frederick john hidden hackney1/222
18522thomas hidden brentford3a/53
18523laura mary hidden st george HS1a/176
18524esther hidden haslingden8c/104
18531charles hidden marylebone1a/357
18541horatio henry hidden st pancras1b/46
18542charles william hidden kensington1a/100
18543alice hidden st george HS1a/169
18563frederick doyley hidden st george HS1a/177
18563catherine hiddon wigan8c/20
18563margaret ann hiddon wigan8c/20
18571louisa fanny hidden pancras1b/32
18572herbert charles hidden brentford3a/33
18581alice mary hidden kensington1a/109
18583margaret hidden liverpool8b/153
18591george henry hidden hungerford2c/250
18592walter edward hidden st george HS1a/194
18592frederick john hidden pancras1b/117
18593john lucknow hidden upton6c/300
18601thomas henry hidden w derby8b/404
18604arthur hidden kensington1a/126
18611aldwin tempero hidden hungerford2c/233
18613william george hidden pancras1b/47
18614william hiddin w derby8b/325
18621fanny hidden chesterfield7b/505
18622frances amy hidden westminster1a/331
18622letitia hidden newbury2c/204
18623rose elton hidden kensington1a/123
18624ann hidden w derby8b/268
18631albert richard hidden hungerford2c/241
18631martha hidden prescot8b/552
18633mary ann hidden wigan8c/35
18641william henry james hidden dudley6c/31
18641deborah hidden chesterfield7b/511
18641thomas hidden w derby8b/301
18642emily jane hidden greenwich1d/651
18643katherine harriet emma hidden westminster1a/330
18643jane hidden w derby8b/291
18651madeline elizabeth hidden hungerford2c/261
18653mary elizabeth hidden kensington1a/151
18653margaret sarah hidden greenwich1d/668
18661sarah m hidden shoreditch1c/174
18663charles hidden w ham4a/10
18663richard e hidden walsall6b/586
18663sarah h hidden chesterfield7b/468
18664beatrice m hidden westminster1a/372
18664frederick e hidden hungerford2c/242
18664william a hidden w derby8b/274
18671edith elton hidden kensington1a/174
18673joshua robert hidden w ham4a/67
18683margaret annie hidden bermondsey1d/75
18683georgeina hidden chesterfield7b/518
18683thomas hidden w derby8b/241
18691henry william hidden kensington1a/54
18691richard frederick hidden w ham4a/67
18691john thomas hedden rochdale8e/83
18692arthur francis t hidden hungerford2c/230
18694ellis john hidden kensington1a/194
18702richard edward hidden pembroke11a/815
18703william joseph hidden st olave1d/231
18704alice eleanor hidden hungerford2c/245
18704george thomas hidden w ham4a/68
18704lucy hidden w derby8b/234
18704henry john hiddon w derby8b/383
18711sarah ann hidden marylebone1a/553
18712lewellyn hugh hidden kensington1a/174
18713joseph william hidden mile end1c/489
18721william capern hidden hungerford2c/263
18722henry william hidden woolwich1d/938
18724thomas henry hidden marylebone1a/483
18724peter hidden w derby8b/244
18732heading alice wantage2c/285
18733edith hidden poplar1c/591
18734percy reginald c hidden islington1b/320
18734thomas hidden wigan8c/97
1874HIDDEN william e woolwich 1874 O.S. Cps 100 30100/30
18741william ernest hidden woolwich1d/994
18741joseph william hidden newbury2c/251
18742robert hidden w ham4a/99
18743laura amy hidden hungerford2c/237
18751edith hidden marylebone1a/594
18752william john hidden w derby8b/257
18753walter henry hidden poplar1c/641
18754frederick hidden newbury2c/232
18762florence rachel hidden marylebone1a/525
18762ellen hidden wigan8c/88
18764charles lewis hidden w ham4a/124
18772arthur doran hidden w derby8b/250
18773emily rose hidden newbury2c/229
18773francis dew hidden brentford3a/43
18781arthur frederick hidden stratford6d/653
18782henry charles hidden marylebone1a/549
18784sophia hidden w ham4a/136
18784james hidden w derby8b/251
18791robert william hidden w ham4a/139
18793frederick william hidden brentford3a/42
1880HIDDEN frederick j woolwich 1880 A.S.C.Ord & M.S.S.C. 100 58100/58
18802frederick john hidden woolwich1d/1186
18802frederick charles hidden w ham4a/148
18804william hidden marylebone1a/577
18804arthur hidden poplar1c/634
18811robert arthur hidden toxteth pk8b/194
18812mary hidden wigan8c/93
18822emily mabel hidden brentford3a/47
18823ethel grace hidden chesterfield7b/675
18823margaret jane hidden toxteth pk8b/240
18833archibald charles hidden brentford3a/53
18833arthur hidden wigan8c/85
18841arthur moreton hiddon maidstone2a/732a
18842arthur moreton hiddon maidstone2a/715
18843maud hidden w ham4a/8
18844ellen hidden newbury2c/261
18852reginald cecil hidden brentford3a/50
18853phoebe moreton hiddon llanfyllin11b/208
18853james hidden upton6c/306
18853arthur hidden wigan8c/80
18861rose hidden w ham4a/41
18863charles edward hidden greenwich1d/991
18863may frances hidden brentford3a/46
18863frederick charles hidden w ham4a/232
18871lily miriam hidden bath5c/584
18873robert hidden wigan8c/113
18874stanley leopold hidden brentford3a/49
18874charles frederick hidden w ham4a/209
18884frederick arthur hidden hendon3a/81
18884harriet elizabeth hidden upton6c/303
18891gwendoline mary hidden rugby6d/522a
18892dorothy mabel hidden greenwich1d/1000
18894alfred norman hidden brentford3a/53
18894ann hidden wigan8c/103
18902margaret ann c hidden toxteth pk8b/196
18903horatio frederick hidden greenwich1d/993
18903jane hidden wolverhampton6b/526
18912charles baldwin hiddon wandsworth1d/782
18912alfred ernest hidden w ham4a/293
18914mary ann hidden wigan8c/105
18921willie horace hidden greenwich1d/1093
18923frederick augustus hidden strand1b/655
18923elsie hidden brentford3a/58
18923rose hidden worcester6c/265
18924stanley tempero hidden rugby6d/553
18924joseph hidden wigan8c/121
18931florence elizabeth hidden w ham4a/317
18933emily hidden brentford3a/61
18934charles hidden w ham4a/290
18941clive herbert hidden brentford3a/60
18941emily maud hidden solihull6d/581
18942william m h j hidden wolverhampton6b/601
18951annie lilian hidden w ham4a/315
18952harold hidden lambeth1d/456
18953peter hidden wigan8c/96
18954claude charles hidden wandsworth1d/752
18954george cyril hidden chesterfield7b/700
18961richard edward hidden wolverhampton6b/563
18963john havelock hidden bromsgrove6c/368
18963joseph hidden bromsgrove6c/368
18971cyril robert hidden wandsworth1d/811
18971edith hidden w ham4a/341
18971thomas william hidden toxteth pk8b/176
18981florence catherine m hidden dudley6c/52
18982leonard hidden w ham4a/321
18983irene hidden wandsworth1d/778
18984william hidden toxteth pk8b/229
18992sarah ann hidden toxteth pk8b/200
18993roland clarence hidden wandsworth1d/753
18993ethel hidden chesterfield7b/752
18994mercia maud c hidden hungerford2c/266
18994sarah may hidden solihull6d/623
19001hugh rensburg hidden pancras1b/21
19001lily elsie hidden wolverhampton6b/669
19004clara hidden w ham4a/343
19004james hidden toxteth pk8b/162
19012lillian margaret hidden w ham4a/321
19012reuben stanley hidden w ham4a/325
19012lawrence moreton hidden liverpool8b/86
19021arthur william hidden poplar1c/638
19023edith alice hidden hendon3a/323
19023john william hidden solihull6d/651
19024leonard frederick hidden woolwich1d/1302
19031charles hidden bethnal g1c/160
19033frederick douglas hidden brentford3a/77
19034reginald george c hidden w ham 4a/501
19041kenneth edward hidden brentford3a/77
19041violet maud hidden wolverhampton6b/665
19044isabel mary hidden birkenhead8a/547
1905HIDDEN bessie newbury 1905 3rd huss 257 82257/82
19051bessie hidden newbury2c/267
19053jessie margaret hidden brentford3a/121
19053winifred emily hidden brentford3a/121
19053daphne hidden brentford3a/131
19054walter hidden poplar1c/570
19062james henry hidden woolwich1d/1323
19062margaret isabella hidden toxteth pk8b/197
19071reuben hidden poplar1c/604
19071arthur hidden aston6d/386
19071eileen marjorie hidden rugby6d/583
19074marjorie grace e hidden bethnal g1c/103
19074percival john hidden woolwich1d/1197
19083stella hidden brentford3a/143
19084elizabeth lucy hidden toxteth pk8b/152
1909HIDDEN leslie c Pretoria 1909 3rd Huss 257 98257/98
19092florence may hidden poplar1c/551
19093bertram william l hidden hungerford2c/279
1910HIDDEN william h Pretoria 1910 3rd Huss 257 82257/32
19101gordon dennis hidden brentford3a/101
19103annie j hidden poplar1c/517
19103rosa m hidden w ham4a/346
19103hannah hidden wigan8c/80
19111alfred j hidden wolverhampton6b/598
19111james e h hidden grantham7a/445
19113hannah w hidden hidden chesterfield7b/1476
19114mary g hidden morgan w ham4a/177
19114sophia g hidden morgan w ham4a/177
19114muriel g hidden hidden kidderminster6c/392
1912HIDDEN winifred c shorncliffe 1912 3rd Huss 257 82257/82
19122william j hidden [hidden ?] kidderminster6c/385
19124emily e hidden heather farnham2a/203
19124winifred c hidden bedell elham2a/2067
19124reginald c hidden parkes w ham4a/685
19124leonard hidden [hidden ?] coventry6d/1083
19124jack f hidden laurens birkenhead8a/1042
19131ernest a c hidden holderness st geo hs1a/777
19131mary e hidden barnes wigan8c/187
19134norman f hidden kightley portsmouth2b/781
19141stanley j hidden law braintree4a/1638
19142mary hidden morgan w ham4a/254
19142john t hidden gannon wigan8c/212
19143dennis a hidden laurens birkenhead8a/1131
19144joan k hidden beedell croydon2a/411
19144frances m hidden clark brentford3a/237
19144female hidden hidden kidderminster6c/146
19144alice m hidden hidden birmingham6d/386
19151kathleen a hidden strange hendon3a/666
19151jack w hidden talbot romford4a/1075
19151robert hidden baines wigan8c/140
19154donald e hidden pocock brentford3a/134
19162gordon r hidden parkes w ham4a/668
19163william j hiddon tunks tonbridge2a/1527
19163charles r hidden strange hendon3a/626
19164alma hidden cuckson w derby8b/844
19171george hidden morgan w ham4a/262
19173james hidden hutchison st geo hs1a/508
19181minnie hidden jones toxteth pk8b/220
19182lily hidden morgan w ham4a/225
19192mary a hidden gannon wigan8c/100
19193diana h hidden hutchinson epsom2a/6
19193catherine hidden jones toxteth pk8b/256
19194joseph hidden barnes wigan8c/84
19202frederick e hidden strange hendon3a/783
19203wendy hidden fugdle st giles1b/1099
19203lily m hidden stringer edmonton3a/932
19204james w h g hidden hutchinson ledbury6a/814
19204isabella hidden walker chesterfield7b/1352
19211thelma h hidden toakley prescot8b/1293
19211thomas hidden barnes wigan8c/125
19211mary hidden longshaw wigan8c/185
19213fred hidden morgan w ham4a/229
19213ethel e hidden goby gloucester6a/575
19213ann hidden jones toxteth pk8b/308
19221peter hidden fugdle st giles1b/1065
19233david p hidden goby epsom2a/37
19233lillian hidden waters willesden3a/506
19242hidden thomas g toakley liverpool 8b 6348b/634
19243hidden derek crouch tendring 4a 12864a/1286
19243hidden francis longshaw wigan 8c 678c/67
19244hidden william j jones liverpool 8b 3198b/319
19261926-30 HIDDEN monica Paris 23 32723/327
19262hidden doreen toakley liverpool 8b 6148b/614
19263hidden lily jones liverpool 8b 2998b/299
19282hidden aileen m jamieson paddington 1a 171a/17
19284hidden veronica m foley wigan 8c 1228c/122

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