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GRO Index of Deaths

Some entries for variant surnames (HEADING,HEDDEN,HIDDON) are included
Entries in which the surname of the deceased is in upper case (e.g. HIDDEN) are from the Overseas Registers
18373elizabeth hidden preston21/312
18381george hedden hungerford6/155
18381william hidden newbury6/179
18382sarah ann hidden hungerford6/140
18392ann hidden brentford3/1
18393louisa hidden sherbourne8/55
18394mary elizabeth hidden liverpool20/
18404emma hidden kensington3/184?
18421lydia hidden bridport8/21
18433henry hidden st geo HS1/3
18433richard hidden st geo HS1/5
18434mary hidden hungerford6/134
18461letitia hidden st geo HS1/2
18461margaret hidden st geo HS1/23
18463martha hidden hungerford6/144
18471john william hidden st geo southwark4/395
18471sarah hidden milton5/348
18482joseph hidden brentford3/1
18491robert hidden w derby20/874
18491james hidden hungerford6/153
18501henry hidden hackney3/146
18501charlotte hidden staines3/269
18504james hidden newent11/292
18504frederick hidden greenwich5/132
18504william hidden hungerford6/134
18512eliza hidden marylebone1/191
18512charles ball hidden kensington3/263
18522katherine mercy hidden st geo HS1a/122
18522eliza hidden newbury2c/139
18523thomas hidden st geo southk1d/101
18524mary hidden hungerford2c/145
18541thomas hidden newbury2c/141
18541elizabeth hidden newbury2c/142
18542robert hidden hackney1b/188
18543george hidden st geo HS1a/235
18543sophia hidden lambeth1d/615
18543ann hidden hungerford2c/143
18551william hiddin westminster1a/269
18551maria hidden bourn7a/228
18552charles frederick hidden brentford3a/31
18561frederick hidden preston8c/354
18562george hidden lymington2b/321
18571thomas hidden st geo southwrk1d/118
18574margaret hidden uxbridge3a/20
18581letty hidden wycombe3a/298
18591alfred hidden pancras1b/79
18592james hidden newent6a/142
18593elizabeth hidden hungerford2c/149
18594sarah jane hidden stoke D5b/234
18601william hidden pancras1b/42
18612alice hidden w derby8b/215
18614charles hidden brentford3a/45
18614william hiddin w derby8b/301
18632ann hidden newent6a/169
18632john abury hidden upton6c/181
18641thomas hidden w derby8b/350
18642frederich doyley hidden westminster1a/262
18642thomas henry hidden w derby8b/311
18642margaret hidden w derby8b/350
18643alice hidden westminster1a/23a
18643walter edward hidden westminster1a/242
18643john walter hidden greenwich1d/409
18651deborah hidden chesterfield7b/409
18662amy hidden 80 hungerford2c/168
18663charles hidden 0 w ham4a/23
18664william hidden 68 exeter5b/67
18672william arthur hidden 0 w derby8b/243
18674hedden james 60 hungerford
18681hedden thomas 71 hungerford
18682charles frederick hidden 64 lewisham1d/536
18692maria ann hidden 23 kensington1a/12
18692henry william hidden 0 kensington1a/20
18693jane hidden 37 hungerford2c/155
18703william joseph hidden 0 st olave1d/181
18711alice eleanor hidden 0 hungerford2c/190
18713henry hidden 69 marylebone1a/383
18714william hidden 33 upton6c/200
18722hedden elizabeth 74 hungerford
18724joseph william hidden 1 poplar1c/367
18731john thomas hidden 59 edmonton3a/119
18732hedden john 67 hungerford
18733martha hidden 57 islington1b/203
18734thomas hidden 80 dartford2a/214
18743laura matilda e hidden 51 kingston2a/167
18761robert hidden 1 w ham4a/55
18764charles lewis hidden 0 w ham4a/55
18772william hidden 87 newent6a/182
18773john hidden 50 wirral8a/250
18774frederick ernest hidden 11 hungerford2c/159
18774arthur doran hidden 0 w derby8b/229
18781edith elton hidden 10 fulham1a/160
18782charles hidden 77 newbury2c/144
18784emma hidden 59 camberwell1d/499
18791hedden eliza 69 hungerford
18793walter henry hidden 4 poplar1c/398
18802william john hidden 56 wandsworth1d/386
18803frederick charles hidden 0 w ham4a/78
18811beatrice mary hidden 14 lymington2b/426
18811laura amy hidden 6 hungerford2c/182
18811eliza emma hidden 30 w ham4a/65
18811robert arthur hidden 0 toxteth park8b/214
18821jemima hidden 79 dartford2a/268
18822hedden female 0 newbury2c/143
18831mary hidden 55 newbury2c/165
18833emily mabel hidden 1 brentford3a/34
18842arthur hidden 0 wigan8c/53
18843maud hidden 0 w ham4a/8
18851sarah hidden 82 toxteth pk8b/204
18852thomas hidden 91 toxteth pk8b/187
18854john hidden 62 lymington2b/406
18854john lucknow c hidden 24 bath5c/382
18863may frances hidden 0 brentford3a/33
18873charles frederick hidden 77 w ham4a/114
18874william hidden 6 hendon3a/98
18884henry hidden 55 windsor2c/249
18884thomas henry hidden 54 toxteth pk8b/194
18891frances amy hidden 26 hackney1b/316
18902horatio thomas hidden 60 greenwich1d/519
18904charlotte hidden 40 kingston2a/227
18904harriet hidden 74 upton6c/209
18911sophia hidden 81 w ham4a/140
18911ann hidden 1 wigan8c/65
18924rose hidden 7 w ham4a/126
18931charles hidden 73 brentford3a/49
18933emily hidden 41 brentford3a/40
18934martha hidden 44 newbury2c/156
18934charles hidden 0 w ham4a/174
18941clive herbert hidden 0 brentford3a/45
18943frederick john hidden 36 lewisham1d/582
18951frederick a hidden 64 camberwell1d/760
18951margaret hidden 79 edmonton3a/221
18952george hidden 72 chesterfield7b/374
18953harold hidden 0 lambeth1d/272
18953sarah ann hidden 63 hungerford2c/251
18954charles hidden 52 st olave1d/118
18974albert richard hidden 34 london c1c/13
18981william hidden 87 edmonton3a/290
18982thomas henry hidden 24 newbury2c/149
18982john hidden 83 newent6a/148
18994lilian annie hidden 4 w ham4a/184
19001louisa hidden 70 kingston2a/297
19002john havelock hidden 3 solihull6d/381
19003ethel hidden 1 chesterfield7b/427
19004mary ann hidden 58 woolwich1d/707
19011charles hidden 46 marylebone1a/382
19011charles moreton hidden 46 birmingham6d/50
19012sarah hidden 96 hampstead1a/391
19012james hidden 0 toxteth pk8b/161
19013william hidden 61 toxteth pk8b/190
19014sarah hidden 56 whitechapel1c/224
19021henry hidden 62 bethnal g1c/183
19021ann hidden 61 toxteth pk8b/124
19023william ernest hidden 28 calne5a/44
19033charlotte hidden 48 hungerford2c/149
19041susan hidden 88 kensington1a/106
19044thomas hidden 75 newbury2c/157
19051ruth hidden 66 lewisham1d/640
19052sarah hidden 66 poplar1c/310
19052sarah hidden 85 hendon3a/135
19053jesse margaret hidden 0 brentford3a/68
19053winifred emily hidden 0 brentford3a/69
19054sophia hidden 90 kingston2a/233
19054george hidden 75 hungerford2c/164
19073reuben hidden 0 poplar1c/283
19093hannah hidden 72 shoreditch1c/63
19094rachel hidden 54 marylebone1a/334
19103william hidden 72 poplar1c/276
19112alfred n hidden 22 upton6c/152
19113unity hidden 79 wandsworth1d/658
19114sophia g hidden 0 w ham4a/99
19121mary g hidden 0 w ham4a/95
19121mary s hidden 68 chesterfield7b/910
19122alfred j hidden 1 wolverhampton6b/583
19123mary e hidden 58 wigan8c/88
19124sarah hidden 46 toxteth pk8b/256
19133mary m hidden 80 wandsworth1d/659
19142mary hidden 0 w ham4a/118
19142john hidden 60 wigan8c/77
19154alice m hidden 0 kings n6d/10
1916cyril r hidden 301703 lond regt1-83/386
1917frederick a hidden l/sgt 231748 lond regt1-83/144
19171alma hidden 0 w derby8b/791
19172william j hidden 0 sevenoaks2a/1034
19173james hidden 0 st geo hs1a/395
1918robert w hidden pte 32617 RAMCM-6/194
19182mary hidden 52 windsor2c/507
19182lily hidden 0 w ham4a/123
19182frederick hidden 67 w ham4a/356
19182george h hidden 59 rugby6d/703
19183mary a hidden 26 wigan8c/95
19184margaret a hidden 51 watford3a/1771
19184georgina hidden 49 mansfield7b/160
19184mary e hidden 5 wigan8c/58
19184robert hidden 3 wigan8c/68
19191sarah hidden 83 brentford3a/282
19194joseph hidden 0 wigan8c/42
19211richard e hidden 56 wolverhampton6b/623
19212mary e hidden 60 pancras1b/46
19213fred hidden 0 w ham4a/73
19213james h w j hidden 0 gloucester6a/295
19214ethel e hidden 0 gloucester6a/372
19222william c hidden 75 willesden3a/283
19232margaret a hidden 45 liverpool8b/192
19232ann hidden 1 liverpool8b/194
19232mary hidden 2 wigan8c/49
19232annie hidden 33 wigan8c/97
19233james hidden 45 liverpool8b/202
19234david p hidden 0 croydon2a/300
19244reginald g c hidden 21 camberwell1d/753
19251john hidden 46 wigan8c/113
19253martha m hidden 34 tendring4a/596
19253william j hidden 0 liverpool8b/129
19261926-30 HIDDEN hugh l 56 Boulogne 21 11421/114
19262ellis j hidden 56 birkenhead8a/656
19264thomas hidden 5 wigan8c/23
19273jessie m hidden 22 reigate2a/225
19291katherine hidden 78 marylebone1a/1093
19291herbert c hidden 72 romford4a/861
19293emily may hidden 65 st martin1a/445
19302francis w hidden 79 brentford3a/92
19303fanny l hidden 73 staines3a/15
19304caroline e hidden 73 birmingham s6d/156
19312martha j hidden 67 staines3a/15
19321james hidden 69 cheltenham6a/678
19332henry h hidden 79 wandsworth1d/567
19333peter g s hidden 0 newton a5b/151
19334henry c hidden 55 hampstead1a/690
19341augustus e hidden 84 willesden3a/411
19353annie hidden 53 battersea1d/326
19361thomas hidden 69 holywell11b/246
19362minnie m hidden 63 brentford3a/185
19363flora hidden 69 kensington1a/155
19363william h hidden 64 surrey s w2a/416
19363laura hidden 61 evesham6c/181
19371katherine h e hidden 73 bromley2a/1020
19374mary a hidden 18 chorley8e/503
19381rose e hidden 75 christchurch2b/1166
19382william g hidden 76 surrey mid e2a/196
19382elizabeth hidden 75 tendring4a/829
19384emily o hidden 69 bournemouth2b/931
19394mabel f hidden 49 stepney1c/338
19394thomas hidden 65 ince8c/173
19401frederick c hidden 63 brentford3a/419
19411arthur m hidden 80 christchurch2b/2230
19411john hidden 70 edmonton3a/1788
19412percy r c hidden 67 rugby6d/1343
19421alice m m hidden 68 wandsworth1d/678
19421william c hidden 70 oxford3a/2755
19421annie hidden 81 liverpool n8b/393
19424georgina m hidden 72 birmingham6d/176
19424william j hidden 67 liverpool s8b/150
19431arthur f hidden 73 oxford3a/1979
1944peter hidden pte 6344743 w kent regt6/312
19443elizabeth hidden 79 blandford5a/229
19452mary e hidden 77 bournemouth2b/878
19453aldwin t hidden 84 blandford5a/202
19461lawrence m hidden 44 st austell5c/97
19464rosa a hidden 62 hendon5f/1
19464charles e hidden 60 hendon5f/78
19473agnes g hidden 45 tonbridge5b/634
19483florence r f m c hidden 75 wolverhampton9b/647
19484mary hidden 54 wigan10f/757
19492william hidden 50 liverpool s10d/594
19511james hidden 65 ealing5e/155
19514francis d hidden 74 ealing5e/155
19514gertrude a hidden 36 ealing5e/27
19521martha e hidden 87 surrey s w5g/946
19542isabel m hidden 77 ealing9d/117
19544emily hidden 83 tonbridge5b/798
19544arthur m hidden 70 abingdon6a/4
19551matilda m hidden 91 fulham5c/597
19553ethel v hidden 68 colchester4a/408
19553alice m hidden 97 bournemouth6b/112
19554frederick c hidden 69 colchester4a/480
19562bessie hidden 83 surrey s e5g/682
19563arthur hidden 71 ince10c/373
19571gertrude e hidden 70 harrow5f/368
19571polly hidden 55 wolverhampton9b/867
19574arthur hidden 77 uxbridge5f/193
19581laura f hidden 54 westminster5c/449
19583elsie hidden 66 tonbridge5b/750
19591diane hidden 0 stockport10a/651
19591willie h hidden 67 middlesex s5f/113
19591leonard f hidden 56 newbury6a/85
19592peter hidden 63 wigan10f/663
19592lily m hidden 63 evesham9d/82
19601frederick j hidden 79 greenwich5c/619
19601richard e hidden 64 wolverhampton9b/973
19603winifred hidden 65 bournemouth6b/158
19604elizabeth hidden 75 willesden5f/1073
19611emily hidden 94 thanet5b/1073
19612helena m hidden 72 rochford4a/683
19613doris hidden 48 birmingham9c/522
19614elizabeth n hiddon 70 stockport10a/584
19621ada f hidden 81 greenwich5c/777
19622joseph hidden 65 surrey s w5g/681
19631william j hidden 88 bromley5b/226
19632agnes hidden 63 chesterfield3a/126
19633george c hidden 67 chesterfield3a/130
19634isabella l hidden 86 liverpool n10d/153
19641frederick a hidden 75 willesden5f/297
19641frederick w hidden 84 middlesex s5f/30
19641kenneth e hidden 60 hastings5h/451
19641charles b hiddon 72 newton a7a/587
19642eliza hidden 87 liverpool s10d/544
19643alfred e hidden 73 canterbury5b/209
19644mary e hidden 91 wigan10f/824
19644lillian g hidden 66 newbury6a/53
19651reuben s hidden colchester4a/654
19652ellen hidden 80 wigan10f/763
19652robert hidden 77 wigan10f/772
19652elizabeth f hidden 85 folkestone5f/449
19654thomas w hidden 68 liverpool n10d/434
19654sarah m hidden 66 surrey n w5g/269
19663olive m hidden 52 lambeth5d/99
19664arthur w hidden 64 aylesbury6a/338
19671amelia e hidden 73 woolwich5e/987
19672joseph hidden 74 wigan10f/776
19672jessie m hidden 76 epping4a/679
19672florence a hidden 74 paddington5d/525
19672peter hidden 94 holywell8a/495
19682mildred v hidden 68 tonbridge5f/756
19683emily hidden 74 islington5c/549
19693claude charles hidden 19 oct 1895 tonbridge5f/1641
19694elizabeth hidden 12 feb 1880 chelmsford4a/1583
19701kate hidden 27 jan 1880 surrey n w5g/703
19702dennis arthur hidden 31 jy 1914 marylebone5d/1951
19711hidden francis 23 aug 1924 wigan 10f 245810f/2458
19711hidden nina annie 8 my 1907 hillingdon 5c 11235c/1123
19711hidden horatio frederick 13 jly 1890 surrey n(?) 5g(?) 5025g(?)/502
19714hidden archibald charles 11 se 1883 midhurst 5h 19985h/1998
19724hidden elizabeth 10 je 1888 liverpool 10d 61310d/613
19731hidden minnie gladys 23 se 1896 brighton 5h 3545h/354
19732hidden stanley tempero 8 oct 1892 kensington 5c 17525c/1752
19732hidden ann mildred 4 aug 1892 chichester 5h 15765h/1576
19734hidden henrietta 10 dec 1885 st marylebone 5d 21195d/2119
19734hidden gladys katherine n 25 mr 1895 windsor 6a 6076a/607
19734hidden vera constance 16 je 1904 oxford 6b 30226b/3022
19744hidden walter reginald 26 aug 1905 chiltern/b 19 098819/0988
19751hidden edith elizabeth 24 my 1883 fulham 12 072312/0723
19751hidden lilian 28 fe 1902 surrey nw 17 092417/0924
19752hidden agnes mary 23 ap 1892 surrey n 17 048617/0486
19753hidden john william 2 jy 1902 dudley 33 056033/0560
19772hidden leonard 26 ap 1898 wandsworth 15 137815/1378
19772hidden hugh rensburg 20 jan 1900 poole 23 085723/0857
19774hidden matthew robin a 29 se 1977 macclesfield 35 068735/0687
19792hidden mary elizabeth 13 se 1886 colchester 9 21349/2134
19793hidden thomas gordon 17 my 1924 liverpool 36 029336/0923
19794hidden lilian 09 no 1897 liverpool 36 053536/0535
19801hidden charles frederick 20 se 1887 croydon 11 198211/1982
19803hidden freda isabel 27 ap 1899 hastings/r 18 094818/0948
19804hidden edith 04 je 1901 croydon 11 202811/2028
19804hidden annie catherine 27 ap 1885 ne hants 20 045120/0451

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