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Other Names from Wills (1498AD to 1858AD)

About 1000 probate records (wills, administration, inventories, etc) are referenced. Many relate to people living near Hungerford and Wantage in Berkshire. Others are from places in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and London
Due to the inconsistency of spelling in early documents, the name in the list may not correspond exactly to the name as spelled in the document. A more recognisable spelling may be listed, or both the original and standardized names be listed. For example 'boucher' and 'butcher'
The abstracts are available at the Genuki web site
Note that there are limitations; not all probates for the area are included, a selection has been made based on location and the possibility of a connection with the Hidden family; in most cases all names have been abstracted, but in a few cases the abstract is incomplete in this respect; details of bequests etc have been omitted

Select the initial letter of the surname from the following list

abaddam abbot abbott abott abridges acres adae adam adams addames addams adee ader adlam admans adse advins affick ailsworth ainsworth alden alder alders aldworth alexander allen allens almond alner aloud alter ambrose anchor anderton andrew andrews anger angier anthony antons apperley appleford aprice apringe archer arden arderne arles arlett arnold arsten arston arundel arundell ashton ashwell aston atkins atkinson atterwell attiwell aubery austen austin avenell avennande avery avis avney awberry axford ayer ayleward ayliffe aylor ayres

babthorpe bacon bacons bagg baggs bailey bainton baker bales ball ballard balt balten bampton bance bandford banger banister bankes bankett banks bannister bantinge barber barby barche barden barker barkesdale barksdale barley barly barnard barnes barnett barns barr barratt barre barret barrett barriker barrington barrister barrow barter bartholomew bartlet bartlett barton basing basinge baskerfield bastard baster bastor batchelon batchelor bath batler batt batten battin batting battiscombe bayley baylie bayly bayman baynes baynton bayton beade beale bear beardwell beare beaver beck beckett becking beckingham becksall bedford beech beke belcher bell bellowes belsher bendall benedict bennet bennett bennidicht benskin benson bensted bent berkley bernaby berry bert besild besor betteridge bettie bew bewdes bidle bies bigge biggs billing billingshey birch bircombe bird bishop bisley biss bisset black blackgrove blackman blackmore blackwell blagrave blagrove blake blakson blandy blanket blisset blissett blizzard bloke blundell blundy blunt blutt bocher bodman body bohhs bolden bolding bollard bollinger bolt bolton bond boney bonnaire bonner bonny bonsher bony boocher boon boone booner boore boot booth bord bordman bore borne borrows bosley bossely bostrove boswell boucher boulden bouldin boules boullon boult bound bourne bourton bovey bowell bower bowle bowshire boyd boys brabant brabet bracegirdle brackstone bradborough bradford bradfrod braine brancklin brandon bratten brawn bray braybrooke brayes brethers bretherton brian briant brickenden bridgeman bridges bright brighton brill brind brinde brinsden broadwater brocklebank brokenborowes brokenborrow brokenborrows bronker brook brooke brooker brooks brossier brothers browber browker brown browne brownereek brownereeke brownjohn broyaile bruce brunden brundon brunsden bryan bryant buckens buden bufton bulfeet bulfinie bull buller bullerd bullock bullpit bulstrode bulye bumpton bunce bunckly bundy burbage burbedge burch burchale burchall burche burchel burcomb burcombe burcome burden burford burge burger burges burgess burgmom burigham burnand burte burthes burton bury busbye bushel bushell bushnell buston butcher butler butt byers byring byrte byssley

cackwill cadbery cade caden cadman cadmon caisford callen callens callis camber campard cannings cannon canon canrho cantrill captain card carden carent carpenter carr carrant carrent carter carwood case castell caster castillian castillion castle cater cawen cearinge cerney chadsy chadwell chadwick chadwicke chafyn chain chainey chalke challin challis chamber chamberlain chamberlaine chamberlin chamberline chance chandler chapman chappel charlock charlwood chawles chayne chear checker cheepman cheewly cheinie cheney chenney chesterman chevynhurste cheyne cheyney cheynhurst chichester childe chilton chilvester chittenton chittle chock chocke chomson choules chouls chowles chuge chun church cimmer claridge clark clarke clayton clement clempson clemt clenely clerence clerk clerke clifford clinbeth clinton clisdall clowdes cludgeon coates cobbing cock cockell cockin cockram codrington cody colamn colchester cole coleman coles collard collbrooke collens collerd collett colliar collier colling collinge collingridge collins collman colly connor conye cook cooke cooper cope copeland copland coplin corbett corby corr corre corrie corter coster cotterell cottesmore cottrill cousins coventory coverd covey coward cowles cox coxhead coxwell craly cramp crane cranshawe craston creedy creston crewy crippes cripps criswick crockford crockwell crossby crosswell crouther cruse culley cully cumber cummins cumnor curch curr curre curtes curtess curtis curtiss cusse custon cuthbert

d'arandee dabbe dabelman daintry dancastle dandridge daniel dantry danvers darell dark darlin darrel darrell daver davers david davie davies davis dawkins dawley day de greene deadman deal dean deckon deed deman demas deme denham denman denne dennis dent denton devon dewall diaper dicke dicks dickson dier dies dismore disny dixon doare dobbins dobson dodds dodford doe doleman dolman donne dooby door doore dore dote dove dowman downe dowse doyley doyly draper dubber dudman dudmarche duke dunsdon dunston durman durrell dyer dyes dyper eares early east eastmond edden eden edes edmondes edmonds edmundes edmunds edney edwards eisten elcom elcombe elem elgar elkins ellam elliot ellis elly elstone elton elwes emans emison erley esman essex essington estmond estmonde eton etty etwall evans even exam eyre eyston

facinfeld fairthorn fairthorne faithful fall farenden farewell farmer faster fathorne fawler faye faythorne fear feathorne feild fellow fenor fettiplace fettyplace fewtrell fewtrill ffewtrell field figgins finch fisher flaggatt flaggen flaggett flaule flemming flewell floudier flower forman forster fortescue forty fortye foster fowler fows foyle frailey francis francklin francombe franking franklin freegood freeman freer freeston frenhayles friggins frizwell frogley frome froode froome frowde fry fryser fulbrooke fullbrook fullbrooke fuller fulljames funnell funt furlong futwell

gaenfeld gaine gaisford gallimore galloway galt gandall ganer gangare garat garaway gardener gardiner gardner garlick garmy garney garnham garrard garraway garret garrett garvis gasbard gaskon gatly gatteridge gawcutt gearing geater geatly gebault gebes gelatt genaway genawaye geneway genoway gentle george gering gerrard gerring gerringe gibbens gibbes gibbins gibbons gibbs gibens gifford gilbert giles gill gillett gillimore gilmore gingell gissett glass gleydall glover goatly gobb godard goddard goddyn godfarr godfer godfree godfrey godfry godman godwin goff goffe gold goldby golding goldwin goodlake goodman goodwin gorson gosling goswin gough goulding gouston grace gramett granger grant grave gray grayme green greenald greenaway greene greenebury greeneby greenway gregory gremp greneway grenole grey griffin griffith griffiths grime grimsditch groom grorate gross grove gubley gudale gunter gusset guy gymore gynes

habgood haden hailes haines hakett halcomb halcombe hale hales halford hall hallan halley halloway hallyer halt? hamblen hambling hamen hames hamlin hamling hamlyn hammon hammond hampson hancock hand hands hannibal hannon hanny hanson hapgood hapiah harbin harcourt harden harding hardinge hare harfield harlakynden harmer harness harold harper harrat harriel harris harrold harrys harvey harvy hasel haselden hasell haseltine hasker haskins haslier haslyn hatchman hatly hatt hattatt hatte hatton havill haward hawkes hawkesworth hawking hawkins hawmon hawsaker hayes hayle hayne haynes hayward haywood hazel hazelwood haziel head headache heade hearing heath heathe hebb hedd heddache heddon heden hedge hedges hedon heiden heidon helgar helliar hellier hellyer helyer henchman heneson herbert heriott herles herrett hertford hesilridge hesilrige hethe hewarr hewens hewet hewitt heydon heymore heywood hickettes hickman hide hiden higford higgins higham hill hilliard hillier hills hind hine hinton hinward hinwood hiscock hiscocke hiscocks hissey hitchman hitten hoare hobb hobbes hobbs hobes hobson hoddage hodson holcom holden holdfast holdsworth holdway holford holland hollingworth hollman holloway holman holmes hone honeycut honneycutt hook hooks hopkins hore hormon horn hornblow horseley horseman horsington horsley hosier hoskins hosyer hotridge houghton houldey house how howe howse hubbard huchins huckeridge hudden huddon huden hudson hues huggins hughes hull hulls hungerford hunt huntly hurray hurse hurst husdon husselwhite hussey hutchins hutchinson hutchkins hutton hyde hyes hyll hytt

iddings iden ilmerston ingram ings iones ireland iron isaac isard isdale issard jackson jacob jacques james jane jannings jaques jate jeames jecock jeffery jemmatt jenaway jeneway jenkes jenkins jenner jennet jenneway jennigs jennings jeson jesset jessett jewtrell jeyes jeynes joanna john johnson johnston jones jospeh joyce joyliffe judd judge justice justlowe kanckston kanpp keat keate kedden keden keele keene keep keepe kelsey kember kemble kemp kempe kenkes kenon kensyke kent kess kestall kettle kibblewhite kibelwhit kiblewhite kimber kimble kinber king kinge kingsmill kingston kingstone kington kinor kirton kishall kistell kite knackston knackstone knapp knife knight knipe knolls knowles kryton kymor kyrston kyrton

lacham lacy lafford lakesworth lamb lambden lambe lamborn lamborne lamford lamport lamyng lancaster lang langfield langfields langford langisloo lankfield lappith larter lathem laund laurance law lawley lawrence lawson lay leach leak learne lee leech leek leeke leepe leet legg legge legingham leighton lesley leudkin lever levington levison lewe lewes lewis ley liddiard lide lides lidyard lightfoot linch litchfield littell little liver lloyd loder lofford london long longfeilde longfield looken looker lookros lookton lord louch louer love loveday loveden lovegrove lovelake lovelock lovelocke lovenden lovett lownes lucas ludlow lufedey lundore lusher lyde lydysdale lye lyle lynch lyntall

mabberly maberly macerell macharell macherell mackerel mackerell macklin mackrell mackrill mader madone madox maile mailham major malam malden malkes malks manchester manfield mangin mansell manx many marcheon marge margrett marrocke marsh marshall marshman marten martha martin martine martins martyn mascall masemae masemoore masemore mash maslin masling mason masters mathen mathews mathy matlewe matlock maton matthews mauks maulden maulkes maultby mawkes may maye mayle maylin mayne maysie maythorne mazemore meadcalf mecey medcalfe medley medlicott meer megge melsome menwether mercer merivall merriman merriwether merryman micheals michell michwell middleton mildenhall mildenshall miles mill millard miller millet millett mills milsham milson milton mime minewhole minshull mitchell mitten mobberly moberly mogenwaal monday mondy money montigue moor moore moorecocke more mores morey morgamir morgan moring morison morland morley morovale morrice morris morrison morse mortimer morton mosely mostyn mountayne mountfort mownday moxom moyse mudge mund munday mundy mundy (?) murray musslewhite myles mytton

naish nalder nash nashe nayse neal neale neate neville new newbury newman newport newton nicholas nicholls nivene nixon noak noake nobes noble nodd noise noon noone noore norcraft norcroft norcrofte norrice norris north northway norwood noyles noyse nutch ? nutt nuttall oakham oakley oaks oakwitt oalcroft olden oram orchard orey orpwood orr osborne osbourne osgood osman osmond osmund ourdey oxnell

pacient pack page paget pain paine painter painting palmer palmore pandenbrook panderlaec pane pannell paradice pardue parke parker parkes parre parrock parson parsons partridge parvie parvis pash paske passion patie patient patty paty patye pavey pawlinge payen payne paysteed peach pear pearce pears pearse pearson pease peason peck pecke peckson pecock peeke peerce peerson pelling penbrook pendleton penney pennington penny perry perryvall pestbury peters pettet pettifer pettit petty pewsey pewsy pewter phelippys philips phillip phillips phipp pickhouse pierce pike pikhouse pinch pine pinfoll pinill pinnel pinnell pinnock piper pitfall pithouse pitt pittfall pizzie place plaisted plaisteed plaister plank plasden plastead plasteed plaster platt platts playstead playsted playsteed plett plomer plommer plowman plumer plummer pocock pococke poe poffley pohampton polerne polhampton pollard pollern pollerne pollington pomery pontin ponting pooe pool poole poor pope popejoy popham porter pottenger potter potterne pottinger pottynger poulton pound pounds povey powell powles powse prater preedy presoon preston prestone pretty price prince prior pritchard prosser prowting prussers purdue purle purthes purton pusey puzey pye pyers pyke pyle pynell pynnell pynoke pyrton

quavier r rablutt rabnatt rabnett rabnutt radish ramsbury randall randell ranger rasson rawland rawlings rawlins ray raycar rayer read reade reason recardes recoswell reeves reignolls reinold reinolds remes rendon renne renolds reoffe repington restall restoll restroll rewes reynold reynolds riaa richard richards richardson richens richmond ricketts rider rime rivers robbins roberts robertson robins robinson robson rodway rodways roe rogers rolfe rolt ronnygear roofe rose rosewell rosier ross rosyer roth rotten rotton rowland royston rozier ruddle ruell rule rumball rumsy rushley rushton russell rutte rutty ryan ryley ryman ryme rymond

sadler sainbarbe salisbury salmon salt samerse samuel sander sanders sands sandy sanisbury sannder sare sarre saunders savage savell savens savery saverye savory sawte sawyer saxton say sayce saye sayer scholler sclatte scott scriven segar self semor semour sempson sendway senfield serle seth sewer sexton seymor seymore seymour seyton shadwell shanker sharewell sharp sharpe sharpes sharpis sharps sharpus sharwill sheafe shefford shepard shephard shepherd sheppard sherwood shilton shingleton shipton shire shodwells shonke shratt shrimpton shuter shynfeild sidwell silvester simes simion simkins simmons simon simonds simons simpkins sims sind siney skate sketon skinner skolling slack slade slam slatford sloper smalbone small smart smith smithy snackston snackstone snellgrove snigg snodham snook snoswell snow soames soloman solomon solway somner sor sorry southam southby southwick spanswick sparkes sparks sparrill sparrow sparrowe sparrows spearing spence spencer spenser speyare spicer spire spratt spurwyke squire stacey stacy stamford stamp stanbrook stanbrooke stanige staveley stayner steate steele stell stent stephen stephens stevens stevns steward stibbs stichall sticklowe stiff stile stiles still stirling stockdale stockwell stokes stone stonehouse stoner store story stout stowes strand strange stratton streat streate streatly street stretly stretlye stretton stringer stroad strond strong stronge stroud stroude sturges styles susanne sutton swait swaite swaithe swam swart swayte sweeper sweetaple sweetapple sweteapple swindon syer

talbot talmage talman talwage tamage tame tanner tarne tarrant tasker taylor teede tench terrell thatcher thesher thistlethwaite thistlethwayte thomas thompson thorowgood thrakcarne thriffe thurman thurnbull thurnhull thynne tidcomb tiler tilley tipling tipping toe toggey toldervey toldoby tomes tomkins tomlins tomlinson tompkins tooker toot torles towe townsend towsey trantor trayhorne treadwell trelocke trewlock tribe trigel trigg trimmell trite trueman truslowe tubb tuck tucke tucker tuckey tugg tuggie tuggle tuggy tull turke turne turner turrall turtle turton tusen tuton tutt tuttel tuttle twisse tyler ucky uncock unton upperton urld varney vaulx vaux venn verchild vere veryman vicar vickers vilett vinar vincent viner viraish vokins vowle vyam

w wadorn wage waight waine wait waite waites wakeseed walder waldrdon waldren waldron walker wall wallden wallen waller wallis wallron wallrond walron walrond waltam walter waltham walton wapshot wardle wareham waring warkins warmy warnford water wateridge waterman waters wates watford watkins watley watmore watridge wattman watts wearing weastley weastly web webb wedge weedon weeks wege weitts welks wellden weller wells welsborne wentworth west westall westbrook westbrooke westbury westle westly weston weston (?) wetts wevill whale whatmore wheatland wheeler whidon whilbourne whillam whillier whineat whineate whitaker white white? whitehead whitehorn whitelock whitenton whitethorn whiteway whiteyat whitfield whithere whitiare whiting whitinit whittaker whittiatt whittington whittly whitway whitwaye whitwick whityare whole wibblin wiblin wicks widdows widnam wied wightwick wilcox wild wilde wildenhall wilder wilett wilkins wilkinson wilks willia william williams williamson willier willins willis willmot willmott wilmot wilmott wilson winboult winch winchcombe windbolt winhead winiatt winkworth winniard winniat winter winterborne winterbourne wirg wirkes wirral wirrall wise wiseman withers withes witts wodam woder woldridge woldrige wollarn wolridge woodham woodroffe woodroof woodroofe woodrouffe woodruff woodruffe woodsoffe woodstock woodward woodwarde wooldridge woolridge worall worome woromes worral worrall woundy wren wright wroughton wyate wyatt wylde wynatt wynder wyneat wyttenstall

yate yates yearly yeatman yeats yecole yesset yewle york yostes young younge yowell yowle zealy zillwood

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